EnvoPAP - Sustainable Paper

Springfield Papers are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with a revolutionary company called EnvoPAP.  

EnvoPAP is a 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper supplier in the UK.  It provides a wide range of circular solutions to help improve the sustainability of businesses by providing an extensive range of eco-friendly paper made from sugarcane fibre.

EnvoPAP is a unique, eco-friendly and efficient copy paper, made from sugarcane waste instead of fresh trees.

The business was started by Kaushal Shah at the University of Southampton. He saw the potential of turning agricultural waste in his home country of India into usable products such as copier paper. In 2018 EnvoPAP was a finalist in the Green Tech Challenge - an investment competition for green businesses who have the potential to disrupt traditional supply chains. Under Kaushal Shah's leadership, the company has already achieved over two years of successful trade and is poised to become the leading supplier of sustainable solutions in Europe.

Here is how EnvoPAP is made:

  • Whilst conventional paper requires virgin fibres obtained by felling trees, envoPAP is created using a reclaimed waste product called bagasse, made from the fibres of sugarcane and wheat husks.

  • After the sugarcane is harvested and the juice extracted at the sugar factory, the wet bagasse is then moved to the nearby paper mill.

  • The fibres are converted into pulp through an energy efficient and chlorine-free process. The pulp is then processed before being milled and finally pressed into paper.

  • The sale of the discarded sugarcane stems and stalks creates extra income for Indian farmers, their families and the local economy.

  • Purchasing envoPAP paper helps reduce rampant deforestation and avoids burning the crop which increases the rates of disease for the local populations. 

  • Even the shipping of the paper from India is as sustainable as the manufacturing process: The paper is transported directly to the port from the mill.

  • The cargo is then directly shipped to us on vessels that are less than ten years old which guarantees efficient transport. Surprisingly this has less environmental impact in comparison with paper driven across Europe

EnvoPAP estimates that it has saved a million trees in the last two years. An example of the impact that purchasing EnvoPAP can have is that just eight reams saves one tree. If the 2083 reams saves one hectare of forest which equates to two and half football pitches worth.

EnvoPAP is working with the University of Bath to exchange their fantastic knowledge about sustainability. Kaushal has been working with Professor Matthew Davidson, who is the Director of the Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub. Talking about the research project with EnvoPAP, Prof. Davidson says: 

"EnvoPAP has been founded on the basis with sustainability and technology at its core as providers of paper-based products".

The testing of EnvoPAP has been successful with our high-volume users:

‘I have tested the Envopap A4 Paper over several weeks using 3 different printing machines. I am satisfied that it won't stretch to breaking point and it won't easily twist, warp or jam inside any of the appliances I have used it on. I believe it to be a sound paper. I am happy to use Envopap A4 to help the University reduce its carbon emissions and also our Carbon Footprint.’ Steve Bridges (University of Bristol - Planning Resources Team)

The social and economic benefits combined with the reasonable cost ensures that EnvoPAP is a fantastic option for any organisation that is striving to improve their environmental outcomes. The larger the consumption of paper, the greater the benefit of using EnvoPAP will be for the environment.

If you are interested in purchasing the UK’s only supply of paper with a carbon neutral production, then please get in touch and we can send you out some samples of the 70g and 80g paper today.



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