How Printed Media Can Make an Impression on Your Audience

In an increasingly digital world, printed media can make a fantastic impression on an increasingly ad-aware audience.

Digital advertising is a huge market today with computers, tablets and phones showing billions of adverts a day to users across the world with algorithms targeting likely buyers through increasingly sophisticated campaigns. The result of this is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the influx of marketing.

Haptic marketing is the term used for advertising that uses physical touch and harnesses tactile sensations to influence interest or purchasing. Printed media is an excellent remedy to the constant digital stream and there is a huge amount of science to back it up.

  1. Research proves that printed media is more effective at creating strong memories. Physical media stimulates the parts of the brain where emotion and memory are stored.

  2. The feel of the paper creates a physical impression.  The weight and smoothness of the paper or card creates holding a sensory connection and makes for an effective marketing tool. If the marketing has a higher quality of paper, the consumer has a higher chance of trusting the product. Paper has especially important connotations with different paper used for different situations:Heavy and lightly textured cardstock is commonly associated with formal occasions — wedding invitations, in particular, or other types of formal announcements. Velvety or cottony stock are associated with sophisticated affairs, and using them can suggest a prestigious characteristic to your brand.’

  3. The smell of paper is another aspect that digital media cannot match. The sensory impact that paper has on the consumer can bring them back to a fond memory from childhood as it is the sense most linked to memory.  

The future of physical media is still bright and will always be a very effective way of connecting with your audience. Springfield Papers can create bespoke brochures and printed marketing that will make your organisation or business stand out and create a real connection.

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