EnvoPAP - The Paper for the Circular Economy

EnvoPAP – The Paper for the Circular Economy

The concept of the circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials and products in use and regenerating natural systems. For too long, products have been made in a linear economy where the product is taken from the earth, used and then disregarded into landfill.

EnvoPAP is the paper for the circular economy. Made from agricultural waste fibres instead of trees, the paper is created from husks that would otherwise be burnt off into the atmosphere causing pollution for the local population.

EnvoPAP offers an incentive to the farmers to cooperatively sell their waste to the paper mill, creating extra income for the farmers and providing EnvoPAP with the basis for their copy paper.

The paper is then used, recycled, turned into pulp and then back into paper. 


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