What weight of paper do I need?

The weight, or grammage, of the paper dictates the thickness and durability of the product. The paper is measured in grams per square meter. The lightest paper that we sells starts at 70gsm and the thickest card at 320gsm. Any paper over 170gsm is considered board.


Most paper used in offices or documentation will be in this bracket. The 70gsm is considered too thin for some applications and 80gsm is our most popular weight. This is mostly packaged in reams of 500 sheets that you would find in homes and offices across the land.


These weights are most suitable for posters and flyers and is more durable than the standard weight.


This weight is typically used for business flyers used at trade shows or exhibitions. As it is twice as thick as standard paper, it is resistant to crinkling and preserves the professional appearance of the brand.


Perfect for a luxurious appearance such as hotels and hospitality, these are around three times the thickness of standard copier and provide excellent communication for a bespoke feel for discerning clients.

Another term for measuring the thickness of the paper is microns, just to make things more complicated! Microns are measured at 1/1000th of a millimetre. Microns measure the thickness of paper, while grams per square meter measures the weight of paper.

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