Four Reasons to Shred Your Confidential Waste Off-Site with Springfield Papers

Shredding confidential waste can either be shredded onsite by a mobile shredding lorry or taken away to be shredded offsite. There are benefits of both options but we increasingly urge our customers to shred offsite because of the four following reasons:

  1. The cost is significantly reduced. Our existing fleet of delivery vehicles means that we can collect your waste whilst dropping off paper to our extensive network as part of our sustainable Closed-Loop concept. Shredding offsite uses a large stationery machine that is cheaper to use than running a mobile shredding lorry.

  2. Large shredding vehicles take up a large amount of space when parking outside your organisation. Whether the lorry is in car park or on the kerb; valuable space will be used for a decent length of time. This is especially important in busy, urban locations.

  3. The increased pollution as the mobile shredding lorry requires the engine to rev for a long time at a high revs. The effect of the pollutants would be especially felt around areas filled with children.

  4. The large amount of noise generated by the lorry can be a problem, especially in quieter locations.

We do offer a mobile shredding service if requested but because of these reasons, we prefer to shred offsite. The only benefit with onsite shredding is the perceived security but because we adhere to BS EN 15713: 2009, which is the British Standard for the secure destruction of confidential waste, you can be sure of absolute safety with your documents. Our processes are also regulated by ongoing external audits.

Our experience delivering paper since 1977 has given us the understanding of how to make customers feel that they are being listened to which is surprisingly rare in the shredding industry and we make sure that 100% of the waste goes for recycling.

Get in touch and see how we can clear your confidential waste with our secure and cost-effective service.


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