envoPAP: Truly Sustainable Paper

We'd like to introduce a revolution in paper production, envoPAP - the latest development in up-cycling.

At Springfield Business Papers we are committed to supplying products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly, socially conscious and ethical way. Made out of reclaimed waste products, this paper combines quality, economy and sustainability, at the same time creating valuable income for Indian farmers.

While the production of conventional paper requires virgin fibres obtained by felling trees, envoPAP paper is created using a reclaimed waste product called bagasse. Through utilising the by-products of existing Indian sugarcane farming practices, envoPAP is made from waste which would otherwise be burnt to clear valuable land. By using discarded sugarcane stems and stalks, envoPAP is not only reducing deforestation but it is also actively helping to reduce air pollution. In addition, the bagasse is gathered and converted into pulp through an energy efficient and chlorine free process; less harmful and more sustainable.



This paper is green from start to finish – it’s 100% recyclable and even biodegrades more quickly than paper made from virgin fibres.

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