EnvoPAP - Tree-free paper takes sustainability to a new level

Sustainability and deforestation are two spectres that hang over the paper industry and with the global population increasing, the demand for paper will follow. The increase in environmental awareness brings a responsibility to look after the planet for generations to come. The importance of rainforests as the ‘lungs of the planet’ is at odds with the illegal logging and rampant deforestation caused by corporate interests and committed by desperate workers trying to feed their families.

Kaushal Shah thought of an idea of how this problem could be helped whilst at the University of Southampton. He saw the potential of turning agricultural waste in his home country of India into usable products such as copier paper.

Today, Kaushal is the C.E.O of EnvoPAP. EnvoPAP is a unique, eco-friendly and efficient copy paper, created by upcycling sugarcane waste instead of cutting down fresh trees.

Whilst traditional paper requires virgin fibres obtained by felling trees, envoPAP is made using a reclaimed waste product called bagasse which is made from the fibres of sugarcane and wheat husks. Traditionally the crops are burnt off to clear the land for the next harvest which has an alarming impact on the rates of serious diseases for the local population.

After the sugarcane is harvested and the juice extracted at the sugar factory, the wet bagasse is then moved to the nearby paper mill. At the mill, it is converted into pulp through an energy efficient and chlorine-free process before being milled and finally pressed into paper.


The benefits of this process are:

  • Zero fresh trees used in process
  • Extra income for farmers
  • Reduce pollution and therefore diseases for the local population
  • Upcycling waste
  • Buying eight reams saves one tree
  • Buying 2083 trees saves one hectare of forest

The most surprising aspects of EnvoPAP in comparison with recycled paper is the cost. The fibres arrive at the mill partially broken down which eases the amount of processing in comparison with recycled paper. The chlorine-free and carbon-neutral manufacturing of EnvoPAP is less intensive than that of recycled paper. As a result, EnvoPAP is cheaper than recycled paper, has less effect on the environment. The paper is totally compostable and can be processed back into pulp for recycling.

The staff at the mill work under modern conditions, complying with European standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They work one of three shifts and can belong to a number of unions. The machinery used at the mill is made by Walmsley Beloit from Lancashire, here in the UK.

If your organisation strives for sustainability then EnvoPAP can help turn high-volume paper consumption into a positive for the environment.

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