Top Tips to Keeping your Copier Paper in the Best Condition

Sounds silly right... having to make sure your paper is in a certain environment?

In order to get the best quality out of your print work, you need to keep your paper in the correct conditions.

  • Always keep your paper stored in it's original moisture-proof wrap
  • If able to do so, load the whole ream in to your printer. This will help avoid damage to the remaining sheets of paper
  • Only load the amount of paper required in exposed paper trays (desktop printers)
  • Always reseal the wrapper once opened
  • Do not store your paper in a high humidity environment, or next to a heat source
  • Let your paper acclimatise to the temperature of your room for a day before using it - always order it in good time!

By doing this, you are preventing your paper from being exposed to the moisture in the air; meaning no more curled paper and no more jamming!

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