Our envirocopy is a high grade multi functional copier paper. It's environmentally friendly, made from 100% sustainable Eucalyptus Globulus fiber, and gives high quality sheet formation, guaranteed consistent runnability and a high white shade. envirocopy comes direct from the mill, to us, to you - meaning it's low cost and has a low carbon footprint. Available in A4 and A3

envirocopy™ is made in the world’s leading integrated paper mill – they’ve invested big money in the latest technology. Integrated mills are a key environmental benefit as it removes any pulp drying, baling and transportation processes and removes wastage. Furthermore, there is complete traceability over where the pulp is from as opposed a mixture of pulps from the open market resulting in consistent quality papers.

From over 600 species – Eucalyptus Globulus is the best tree for paper production - this is due to the following characteristics:

  • It has short, fat fibres which give exceptional bulk, high rigidity and good resistance to damp which in turn mean less copier jams and better toner absorption
  • It is well suited to the soil and climate and is responsible for a great proportion of the expansion of woodlands in Portugal
  • It’s a remarkably high yield and fast-growing and the tree regrows after being cut so can be used time and again

The envirocopy™ packaging is a real winner – it’s made of a light cardboard which we’ve left in its natural kraft state to reduce energy used to produce it plus its very strong so REUSE, REUSE, REUSE, hundreds of customers already do for sorting documents in the reprographics and printing departments and transporting them to other departments. Keep some around, you never know when they’ll come in handy!

It carries the EU Ecolabel certification which is well- recognised across Europe. The Ecolabel rules require the use of certified timber of known provenance and ban the use of substances harmful to the environment and human health. The rules also call for the use of renewable energy, implementation of a rigorous waste management system and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as of air and water pollution. This certification is a reliable and scientifically verifiable way to let our customers know that our company
is increasing its environmental sustainability by providing products of good quality with reduced environmental impact – it ensures we are supporting responsible forest management and handling resources efficiently and therefore contributing to the wellbeing of the planet, without compromising quality and performance. 

Why should I buy Envirocopy.......

  • Everyone loves it! Both the reliability of the product as well as the Eco Label
  • The environmental side and Eco Label will give your organisation something to shout about, and you can even promote what you are doing in the workplace, we issue all users an environmental certificate to display beside the copiers
  • The box looks great and customers also say it’s the strongest box they’ve every come across, and they make use of the boxes after the paper has gone!

What makes it so special?

  • It's made with the very latest, up to date technology, the investments that the mill has made in this is huge – way advanced over other mills
  • Made in Portugal, all products from Europe clearly have less of an impact to the environment when considering the transport side and how ito the UK
  • Made from Eucalyptus Globulus qhich is a very rare species of eucalyptus which happens to be wide spread in Portugal. There are over 600 types of eucalyptus trees and this type which is in Portugal is the best for making paper
  • The Globulus fibre is bulky & light and its thickness is what makes this sheet run so well
  • The mills forest area’s have increased by 74% over last 100 years
  • The forests that they plant have a huge Co2 capture and it equates to being carbon positive

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