Environmental Responsibility

At Springfield Business Papers, we take sustainability seriously. We are dedicated advocates of environmentally-friendly paper supplying and are proud to have been awarded a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C128897) Chain of Custody certification.

Our environmental paper supply credentials are more than just lip-service, we are always looking at ways to effectively cut down on emissions and waste. We practice environmental paper supplying on all levels, always optimising our systems and processes for sustainability. When sourcing paper, special care is taken only to buy from manufacturers who can demonstrate proven sustainability policies and sound environmental credentials. All of our paper products come from sustainable sources with the vast majority carrying FSC® or Ecolabel certification

We get our paper direct from our paper mill in Portugal, where the mill supports the local community and forms a large part of the national economy. The paper we supply to you comes from certified and sustainably managed woodlands, and is manufactured using a high proportion of renewable energy. We feel it’s important to ensure we make the right paper choices for ourselves and for our customers. While we continue to develop as a leading paper specialist, the economic, social and environmental concerns are thoroughly taken into account at every level.

We are committed to managing and improving our environmental performance and indicators and operate an integrated management system certified to ISO14001 : 2004. In setting rigid targets to reduce the environmental impact of our products and distribution activities we make ourselves accountable to the environment and ensuring a sustainable future.

We have taken the following steps to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • Set annual measurable targets to reduce electricity consumption

  • Joined the IYRE Scheme to make environmental building improvements

  • Set annual measurable targets to reduce fuel usage

  • Reduced our impact to landfill waste by 50%

  • Invested in bailing machinery to maximize recycling across all wastes

  • Utilised our existing delivery fleet for secure collection of waste giving reduced carbon footprint

  • Invested in internal resource saving schemes inc. light movement sensors & electric time clocks

  • Investment of a fleet tracking system measuring mileage, speeds, fuel usage, driving habits, etc


Our certification can be independently verified by clicking here and by entering our certificate number 9475.

To download a copy of our 'Integrated Management Policy' please click here. 

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