European Forests are Growing

The Importance of Keeping Forests

It’s important to us that even as we supply paper, we don’t damage the ecosystem whilst doing it. That’s why we make sure that, even as we work, our forests grow in size rather than shrink.

We need to make sure that our paper business remains sustainable, and to do this our forests must be sustainable too. Using forest management, recycled paper, and unconventional materials like sugar cane and eucalyptus, we aim to restore nature, improving the environment around us.

Even though so much of the world has gone digital, there are still constant demands for paper, and it’s more important than ever that we continue to meet the demands of the production rate without harming the planet.

We want to keep our forests and woodlands big enough to continue the production of our paper, without disrupting the natural ecosystem. It’s in the interest of both our business and the environment that we protect and grow our forests.

Managed forests provide us with renewable energy and natural carbon capture. They also reduce humanity’s dependency on natural forests. Trapping carbon allows us to reduce the waste of harmful gases into the environment, countering the industry’s phenomenal energy usage. As forests are home to a large amount of terrestrial biodiversity, impacting 20% of the global population directly, it’s our duty to protect them as much as possible. Sustainable forest management is the most effective method of protecting our natural wildlife, whilst still allowing us to create high-quality workplace paper.

One Tree Planted

Just because making paper involves cutting down trees, that doesn’t mean our forests are shrinking. In the past fifteen years, European forests have been growing by the equivalent of 1,500 football pitches a day!

We have partnered with One Tree Planted (OTP) to give back to the environment. OTP aims to protect nature and biodiversity, as well as provide companies like ours with sustainable options and solutions.

In our role within this partnership, we source our paper from a sustainable paper mill in Portugal, supporting the local community.  Through our work, One Tree Planted helps us to restore the environment and prevent degradation, making out forests healthier whilst ensuring we can provide sustainable paper to our communities.

The global benefits of this initiative are clear: in 2021 alone, One Tree Planted grew over 23 million trees worldwide, including over 600,000 in Europe! Once the volume of harvests has been deducted, the net annual growth of European forest territory is still over 2%. To find out more about our role in the partnership, click here.

The Size of Our Forests

Luckily, almost all of the primary forests in Europe are protected, meaning that we can continue to produce paper without impacting growth. The well-being of these forests is managed and controlled, ensuring that their size is maintained. In fact, in the 15 years between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by more than 58,000 square kilometres – that’s an area nearly 3x the size of Wales and amounts to more than 1,500 football pitches every day!

40% of European territory is covered in forests, and 31% of the world’s land area is forest. Forests are important in both climate and biodiversity protection. They provide a home for flora and fauna, as well as increasing the well-being of our own communities.

It's important to protect these areas as much as possible, which is why only 13% of the wood harvest in the world is used to make paper. Over 90% of the fibres used in the paper industry are from Europe and are largely certified, which helps to protect the areas. We ensure that we get as much use as possible from our wood fibres, to maintain the growth of European forests. By managing them sustainably, our forests will continue to grow and have a positive impact on the ecosystem and human well-being.

Our Growth and Aims

We are working to become a net-zero emissions company. We continue to grow and protect our forests, making the production of high-quality paper products a sustainable business model.  By protecting managed forests and other woodland spaces, we want the natural flora and fauna of Europe to prosper.

We will continue to make our products from as much recycled and renewable material as possible, while working with our partners to increase the quality of our forests.

At Springfield Papers, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are what make us who we are. We want our customers to be aware of the time and dedication we have put into the creation of green products and services. In the future, we hope to only increase the positive impact we have made on our communities and the environment.


Through our pairing with One Tree Planted, we are committed to protecting natural wildlife and maintaining forest spaces in the course of making our product. Even in the modern age, a constant need for paper products remains. We have a responsibility to ensure our products are made in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. As our company grows, our forests will too.

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