9th Dec 2021

If you are a customer of ours and havent yet received your 2022 calendar, please get in touch. We have a choice of wall calendars and desk calendars. Available whilst stocks last.

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1st Dec 2021

We are becoming increasingly aware of companies in recent weeks offering copier paper to schools at significantly below the market cost to large distributors like ourselves, and taking payment up

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19th Nov 2019

The weight, or grammage, of the paper dictates the thickness and durability of the product. The paper is measured in grams per square meter.

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4th Nov 2019

In an increasingly digital world, printed media can make a fantastic impression on an increasingly ad-aware audience.

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24th Oct 2019

Shredding confidential waste can either be shredded onsite by a mobile shredding lorry or taken away to be shredded offsite.

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15th Oct 2019

The print and paper industry has been concerned about the rise of digital me

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11th Oct 2019

Springfield offer a shredding service like no other.

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7th Oct 2019

Springfield and Jelf Insurance

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7th Aug 2019

EnvoPAP – The Paper for the Circular Economy

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