Ecovadis Gold Sustainability Rating

We're committed to continually reduce our impact on the environment and are delighted to announce that we've been awarded the Ecovadis Gold Sustainability Rating! Our score puts us in the top 2% of all rated companies by Ecovadis. This is an excellent testament the team here have put into measuring and reducing our Carbon Footprint, and keep us on track to reaching Carbon Net Zero. 

Along with our FSC and PEFC certifications (ensuring all our paper products come from sustainably managed forests), we are also planting trees and investing in making our buiness processes sustainable. 

EcoVadis is a globally recognised for providing sustainability ratings and helps businesses with the tools they require to improve their sustainability practices. We'll be using our Ecovadis report to learn and better ourselves in view of hopefully beating our score when we get re-certified each year!

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